10 Minute Meal Prep


Tired of taking an hour to put together an intricate meal only to find out you added garlic powder instead of onion powder rendering it craptastic? So was I. Here is the solution.
Sauerkraut and kielbasa! All you need is an onion, a potato, some sauerkraut, kielbasa, and a little garlic.

To save some serious time buy the garlic that is already minced and just drop two teaspoons into your pan. Next cut up half the onion into strips and toss those in as well. Now the potato, cut that spud up and toss it in. Now if your energetic cut the kielbasa into slices and add to the mix or if your the type that cruises the parking lot at Walmart for an hour until you find the money spot closest to the door you lazy son of a just toss the kielbasa in cut into four inch chunks. Now add the sauerkraut to the mix, cover and throw it on warm for three or four hours and your done.

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