Using Photography to Tell a Story – A Mystery



The door above was crying out to be photographed as I was walking around the North Side of Pittsburgh one evening, the only problem was the brand new padlock someone used to keep it shut.  Geez, didn’t they think about all the people who would photograph it?  No worries, I instantly thought of all those popular photographs on Flickr these days of people’s feet and photographs taken from knee height of pedestrians walking about.  I figured if you could photograph someone from the knees down and it looked good, why not a door…

So next time you are looking at a potential subject with an ugly spot or new padlock on it just get closer and shoot around it.  A byproduct of shooting low like this gives the viewer a sense of mystery.  What does the top of this door look like?  Is there a window?  Using photographs to tell a story is great and who doesn’t like to read a good mystery now and again.

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