BRNO Dehumidifying Body and Lens Caps


Here is a product that really sucks!  The moisture from your camera equipment that is.  BRNO, LLC has your butt covered when reducing the amount of moisture in your camera gear is your primary concern.  If you live somewhere like the East Coast of the United States then you’ll be intimately familiar with the lens condensation that can occur when going from warm indoor temperatures to the cold wintry mess outside.  The covers are made for the Canon and Nikon mounts (Possibly more in the future?).

The kit costs $49.99 while separately the lens cover is $23.99 and the body cover is the same.  The product details says it will protect against mold by reducing the condensation inside your camera body and lens.  Mold BRNO?  I feel like the reduction of condensation would be the selling point for me, not it’s mold fighting.  There is nothing worse than being on location where you want to shoot and having to wait for your lens to clear the condensation from the extreme temperature change.  If you let your camera lay about until mold has collected on it then there is a pretty slim chance that you’re on a photography website reading about this fine product.


According to BRNO:

“Protect your camera and lenses from excess humidity by installing the BRNO dri+Caps to store your camera equipment at the optimum relative humidity (RH) of 35% to 45%”

It does this by using those little silica gel packs you always throw away when you get new kicks… finally a good second life for the silica pack.  Note:  I’m not sure if you can use just any silica pack but it would be worth a try.

If you’re interested in acquiring this product you can find it at Adorama or B&H Photo, it’s not in stock at either place but you’ll be able to order it and wait…


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