Keeping Things Fresh

PhotolisticLife has made some extensive changes recently, we’ve created a forum for everyone to discuss a multitude of topics related to photography.  We are a week into a much anticipated photography contest where the lucky winner will receive our test unit 32GB iPad mini WiFi.  We are also on Twitter and working on a dedicated Facebook page for the site as well.

The goal of all the changes are to constantly improve the site and evolve into a resource for all levels of photographers and the folks who enjoy a little creativity.  If there is something you’d like to see changed or improved please email and let us know (  Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the content.

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I am a self taught professional photographer who specializes in street, landscape, lifestyle, and marketing photography. I'm the creator of and, two websites dedicated to sharing the passion of photography and educating others. When I'm not working on the sites I'm traveling and teaching workshops.

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