2012 Photography Contest Entries

Here is where we will showcase all the photographs submitted to the 2012 Photo Contest.  If you’d like to participate head on over to the entry form and submit.

Updated Once a Week

Note:  If you are having trouble viewing one or more of the photos below there is a new gallery at the bottom of the page that should work for you.  The name of the photographer and title of the image is not included in the second gallery and we are still updating it.  If you don’t see your picture in there, email us (PhotolisticLife@gmail.com) and let us know otherwise it may take a little while to add it (It is still in the first gallery).  Sorry again, next contest we will do away with the first gallery and use the one below it for all photographs.  Great submissions everyone!

Update:  Newest submissions are in the bottom gallery only due to the large influx of contestants recently.  I will be updating every chance I get so if you don’t see your photograph right away do not worry.  Thanks!

Head over to the Discussion Board to discuss the contest and all things photography!

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