Travel Photography 201 Workshop On January 16th 2016 In Pittsburgh

If you haven’t visited the Workshop page in a while you may want to check out the upcoming Travel Photography Workshop I’m conduction on January 16th of 2016.  The cost is $300 per person.  Photographers who participated in past workshops only pay $250.

What We Will Cover

Travel photography covers a wide range of photography from portrait, street photography, landscape photography, to documentary photography.  We will discuss and master how to document your travels in a way that won’t bore your friends and family to death when you try to regale them with the details and photos from your trip.


Long exposure photography

How to achieve tack sharp images



How to find interesting places in new cities, towns, forests, etc.

How to create unique images in an over-saturated world of photography

You’ll need a camera capable of manual exposure control, a tripod, and lots of warm clothes.  I recommend a neutral density filter or two, two lenses (a wide and a telephoto, something in the 24-70mm or wider/longer), and extra batteries (they tend to die more quickly in cold weather).

The workshop is capped at 8 participants and will last approximately 3 hours.  After shooting we will be meeting in the lobby of a famous downtown hotel (details forthcoming) to review images and editing (and get warm!).

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