Panoramic Images Of Phipps Conservatory

While testing out the Sony a7R II I thought I would head over to opening night of Phipps Conservatory Winter Flower Show.  It was nuts, there were people lined up out the door and down the block.  I haven’t seen people get this excited about plants since the hipsters went crazy over Kale.

DSC00977-PanoWhy panorama?  Well, it’s simple…  I’ve been rather bored lately.  I have taken a break from street photography to get back to basics there and figured I would focus a bit on reviewing more gear and landscape photography (urban or otherwise).  I find it refreshing to step back and work on something completely new and unfamiliar.

DSC00973-PanoIt took about two hours to take the images you see here and only one of them is worth keeping (the one from the front, with the two doors).  Either way, it was fun photographing Phipps and trying to find interesting angles.  This place has been photographed hundreds of thousands of times and I’m always trying to find a new and unusual way to capture its beauty.

DSC00981-Pano-2This final image has the Cathedral Of Learning in the background (far right), if you ever find yourself in Oakland you can climb to the top and get a good look at the city from above.

As I mentioned above, all of these shots were taken with the Sony a7R II and the Sony 24-70mm F4 lens. If you have any questions about the camera or would like to leave your thoughts you can do so in the comments section below.

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