Photo 365 – Week 2

The Photo 365 (or #Photo365 on social networks) is a project I’m doing where I take a new photograph every day for 365 days… The rub is that I will only be taking them on my way to and from work. Follow along by bookmarking or join in by taking the challenge and then uploading your images to the Facebook page.

* Instead of posting a new article each day and blowing up your email I will be writing one article with the entire weeks worth of photos and notes.

Do to extraneous circumstances with family and work I had to put the project on hold this past week.  I’m planning to pick it back up this week and push on.  I was able to complete Day 6 before life happened so I will share that with you here.

Day 6

JMB_3114-PanoYou may recognize a couple of these images from an earlier post this week, called The Importance Of Trying Something New, they were taken as part of the #photo365 challenge and used to illustrate the importance of trying new things in photography in order to improve.

JMB_3114The image you see directly above this paragraph is actually the first image you see on the far right of the panoramic image above.  This is what I call my “anchor image” when shooting panoramic images, the image that catches your attention and pulls you into the pano before your eyes explore the rest of the image.  It’s the single most important frame of the entire panoramic image…  Whether there are 5 frames or 500 frames stitched together I believe it’s a single frame like this that is the secret sauces to successful panoramic images.

If I were writing an article all about panoramic images I would probably go into a paragraph long rant about how pano images need at least one frame that can work all by themselves before ever being combined with others.  Without that, your panoramic images would end up being really long versions of just alright images.  But I won’t do that, I won’t write an entire paragraph on that here…

JMB_3108I have visited this place before, I have driven under it thousands of times.  There are beautiful images waiting to be taken all around us, sometimes right at our feet.  Photo 365 has taught me that sometimes I simply need to take a few moments to take the picture rather than have it be a thought as I move through life at breakneck speeds.

Lessons Learned This Week

1.) Don’t be afraid to revisit the same place over and over and try different techniques and angles.  Sometimes your best shot comes after you’ve exhausted all of the obvious spots/angles.

2.) Photo 365 is a huge commitment when you have a family and run multiple businesses.  This has been another lesson in not giving up because things don’t go smoothly.

3.) I’ve been sharing some of the #photo 365 images on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook as I take them…  What I have found is that the Instagram community is much more engaging than the other social media outlets I use.  Not necessarily photo 365 relevant but interesting none the less, especially if you like to share your photos on social media.

4.) Stopping to take one photograph usually turns into 30 or 50 photographs and improves my mood greatly.  On the days where I stop on my way into work I notice that my entire day is better.  Doing what inspires me before I start my day makes me a better, happier person throughout the day.

As always, thanks for following along.  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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