Photography Journal – Chasing The Perfect Shot

Have you ever heard of that movie Endless Summer?  It’s a documentary from 1966 that is still one of the best documentaries ever made.  It follows some surfers on their journey around the world looking for the perfect wave, beach, and experiences.  That documentary sums up how I feel these days, chasing the perfect shot.

*Wouldn’t that be a novel idea, a documentary that follows a handful of photographers around the world in search of the perfect shot.  Heard it here first!

The_Endless_SummerIt’s not that you can’t find great shots right in your own backyard, some of my best photography has been taken within 20 minutes from my front doorstep.  It’s the chase, the experience, the challenge of chasing the perfect shot around the globe.  I hate airplanes and the way traveling an entire day makes me feel but in some twisted way it makes the chase more fulfilling.

From the second I step off the airplane I’m assessing the situations, where does the sun rise?  Set?  Do the locals seem nice?  Where does everyone congregate in the evening?  By the time I get to the hotel/house I’ve worked out the logistics of the next 12 to 24 hours in the most efficient way possible…  Time is precious.

Like a dog chasing a truck, I’m not sure what I’ll do when I actually “catch” the perfect shot.  I hate social media and I don’t have time to jump through hoops for photo contests these days.  I’ll likely add it to my growing Flickr pool, pat myself on the back, and push on for something better.

In the end, it’s the hunt or experiences that you live that make searching for the perfect shot, wave, etc. so exciting and enticing.

What are your thoughts on travel photography?  Give us your two cents in the comments below.

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