What You May Have Missed On DecisiveShot.com

DecisiveShot.com is PhotolisticLife’s sister site concentrated exclusively on Street Photography.  If you have not visited it because you’re not interested in Street Photography you may want to reconsider, not only can the information in the articles be used in just about any type of photography but Street Photography itself has improved every facet of my photography and I believe it can improve yours as well.  Here is what you may have missed:

Attitude and Street Photogarphy

This article focuses on your attitude as a photographer and how that impacts your subjects (therefore your success as a photographer).

Street Photography Composition – Layering

If you have not heard of layering in photography, whether you are a street, landscape, or portrait photographer it’s worth a read.

The Mind’s Eye By Henri Cartier-Bresson – Review And Reflections

Considered the father of Street Photography, Cartier-Bresson shares some incredible insight on photography in this book.  Once again, it doesn’t matter what type of photography you practice this book will have relevant information for you.

The Streets Of Pittsburgh

There are multiple “The Streets Of Pittsburgh” articles on DecisiveShot.com.  They give a look at life in the city of Pittsburgh and some of the interesting people living it.

The Secret Sauce To Better Street Photography

The secret sauce to better Street Photography is the same secret sauce you’d use in just about every other type of photography…  Check out the article to find out more.

And more…  Head over to DecisiveShot.com and check it out.

Once again, if you have not subscribed to DecisiveShot.com yet you should head over and do so now to keep up with the articles as they are published.  You can also follow our Facebook page and see links to the newest articles as they are published.

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