Best Inexpensive Frames For Your Prints

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Amazon is a wonderful place, if there were actual brick and mortar stores I could lose myself in one for months…  Literally, I would sustain myself on Pop Tarts and Vitamin Water (the Vitamin Water would completely make up for the extremely unhealthy Pop Tarts because it’s got the word Vitamin in it).  Like most, I enjoy framing my pictures from time to time and have tried purchasing frames from Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabric, Bed Bath & Beyond, and of course Wal-mart…  None of which made me extremely happy.  Enter Amazon and its copious amounts of well, everything.


Picture frames can cost you an arm and a leg if you aren’t careful, finding a quality frame for less than you’d pay to go out to dinner is great.  Craig frames on Amazon are just the frames you’re looking for, the frames in the images above and below were at most $28 (20×30).  The frames come with some sort of hard plastic as opposed to glass but its high quality and crystal clear (it comes with static cling plastic on both the front and the back of the frame to keep it from getting scratched or dusty).  The packaging is superb, if you buy multiple large frames (I got 4 20×30 frames) they will come three to a box with adequate paper cushioning to keep the frames from getting dinged during transit as well as soft spacers to keep the frames from rubbing against one another.


The frames come with a couple of metal loop hooks and the screws to secure them to the edges as well as the hanging wire needed, and a hook with a nail…  Literally everything you’d need from start to finish.  Most of the frames I have bought in the past don’t include the hook, nail, and hanging wire.  The wood composite (Craig Frames also makes real wood frames also located on Amazon) of the frame is strong and sturdy with no flex when maneuvering the frame to hang it.


If you like the frame you see in the photographs above, the ones I used in my house, then look for Gray Barnwood when hitting the links below.  The sizes range anywhere from 4×10 all the way up to 20×30 (there are a few sizes grayed out and I’m not sure if they are sold out or just not sold).

Where do you get your favorite frames?  We’d like to know, leave a comment below.  Send us a photo of your favorite frames holding your favorite prints so we can all be impressed.  If you liked any of the images you see in the frames you can purchase the same ones from the link in the main menu, Buy Prints.

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