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In an effort to continue to evolve and improve the website PhotolisticLife will begin to undergo construction this evening and may experience glitches over the next few days as we iron out some improvements.  Support for retina displays, mobile optimization, multiple languages, and easier navigation are on the short list of upgrades.  Please be patient and check back frequently.

Photo Contest

There have been over a hundred submissions to the photo contest thus far but an overwhelming percentage of those submissions don’t qualify due to failure to follow instructions.  We want your photographs to be approved, more qualifying submissions means better competition which spurs better submissions.  Please make sure you read over the short list of rules on the submission page before submitting your work.  Your submission must contain at least 175 words to be accepted (it is called the Photo Story Contest so there must be a story).

If you are having trouble coming up with 175 words here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • You can write about why you took the photographs
  • You could explain what you went through to capture the photograph as well as the settings used
  • Write a short tutorial on how you processed the images or the settings used and how others can replicate the process
  • Do an editorial about your subject, maybe a profile on the portrait you submitted or the landscape you captured
  • Be creative

The submissions are not only judged on the quality of the images submitted but on a combination of the photo’s and story quality.

If you are having an issue submitting your entry please contact us through the giant Contact Us button in the middle of the home page or email us at  Thanks.

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