This Is America Challenge

One of our biggest contributors, Liz, sends us this beautiful (mountain or rock formation?  When does one qualify as the other?) image.  She wrote,

“Attached is another photo from the Southwest. This photo was taken in Zion National Park in southern Utah at the end of July. Zion was one of the most beautiful parks we visited this summer. Along each hiking trail you were surrounded by majestic cliffs that took your breath away. Photos do not do justice when trying to illustrate the enormous height of these cliffs. Hopefully, I came close.”

I’d say she nailed it, she also followed up with an email asking me to check out those trees at the top of the mountain-es rock formation (see how I did that without deciding).  The trees really give the view some perspective.  My favorite park of this picture is the lines in the clouds, it looks as though jets flew over like they would a monumental occasion.  Great pic, thanks Liz!

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