Save Money at the Pumps

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Save Money at the Pump

I get it, you need a giant SUV in case it ever snows cats and dogs and you need to get across town at exactly that moment.  Or maybe you need that extra row of seats for your two children so that they can invite the entire neighborhood to get ice cream with your family.  We have you covered.  By now most everywhere you go has a grocery store that has started a rewards program of some sort that gives you a few cents off your gas for every $1, $10, or $50 you spend on groceries.  If you are not aware of this then I suggest brushing off your telegraph machine and asking your friends and family.  Step one is finding this store.

Now that you found this magical store it’s time to load up on fuel perks (that’s what we call the amount of $ off per gallon you get in PA).  But John, I don’t need $500 of groceries today, how will I accumulate something substantial?  Great question.  You’ve heard of Amazon right?  What about Best Buy?  Well these grocery stores have gift cards to places like that, just about any place you can think of.  Now if you are not already buying the bulk of your crap off of Amazon then I will have to write another blog all about the copious amounts of money you can save by doing so.  Need k-cups for your Keurig?  Amazon.  Need diapers for the baby?  Amazon.  Need new tires for your giant SUV?  Amazon.  Need your prescription filled for the crazy rash that flared up after the bad decisions you made last night?  Probably not Amazon, you may want to get to a doctor…

So just get the groceries you need to get you through the week and remember to pick up some gift cards for major expenses.  Some of the best savings I have stumbled upon were home improvements and new televisions or computers (Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy gift cards).  Happy shopping consumers.

Any other ideas?  Comment below.

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