Photo Challenge – Composite Images

Pittsburgh Composite

From time to time I like to throw a photography challenge your way. Photography challenges are a great way to try something new and think outside of the box (unless the challenge is photographing the inside of a box). The goal of a photo challenge is to not simply complete the challenge, any monkey with a camera could do that, but to apply what you’ve learned and do so in an interesting and technically correct way.

Composite images are images where you combine many different images into one single images… Similar to taking two photographs on the same negative (for you film folks). The challenge is constructing a visually appealing composite image of 2 or more images. It’s important not to randomly select images and mash them together all willy-nilly or you’ll end up with a collage of photographic crap on your hands. Consider where elements of each photograph will overlap and how (if you’re using color) different colors will work together.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.40.09 AM

You don’t have to own fancy shmancy photo editing software to participate in this challenge, head over to (select Pixlr Editor) for free post processing software similar to Adobe Photoshop and it’s as simple as adding images as layers and adjusting each layers opacity (you can get as creative as you like).


  • Shoot in RAW!
  • Choose images that would compliment one-another… If all of your interesting subjects are located in the same place in each photograph it won’t translate well as a composite.
  • Try, try, and try again. Move the layers around if you need to, try color and black and white, and increase/decrease the opacity until you find the right mix.
  • You can get as technical in post processing as you’d like… Some people like to do minimal post processing on the individual images and tweak them as needed once they’ve added them as layers and others process and then add, dealers choice.
  • Have fun!

Once you’ve mastered composite images you’ll be able to fit so many cute cats into the same image it will blow your freaking mind…. If that’s what you’re into.

If you complete a challenge you can share it with us by uploading it to our Facebook Page or heading over to PhotolisticLife’s Flickr Group and adding it there.

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