Best Photography Book of 2012 – Extraordinary Everyday Photography



Extraordinary Everyday Photography


By: Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwarning

    I am a firm believer in not reinventing the wheel, when I see a good idea I will take it, use it, and adjust it to fit my needs.  I get a lot of my good ideas from various media outlets on the internet, in magazine format, as well as the occasional book.  I’m slow to purchase a book though (let alone recommend one) because I find that a lot of photography books pedal common sense in a common way.

    I found this book at the local chain book store in my area and, after perusing it, I did what every bright shopper does… looked its price up on Amazon.  The book was $26 at the brick and mortar store while Amazon had it for about $17.  The book is chock full great advice and exercises to make you a better photographer.  The authors teach you to look at the world differently than you normally do, a way that lets you see great photographs where there were none before.  Each page has beautiful photographs that illustrate the authors points and better yet, they have the lens and setting the authors used for each photograph.  Under each image is a brief explanation of what intrigued the author about that particular image and how they captured it.

    If you’re looking for a great gift for your photography loving friend or family member then look no further.  If you’re in a rut and just want some ideas to make you a better photographer or just get you out taking pictures then you’ll appreciate this book.  The authors focus on the fact that everywhere you go there are photographs waiting to be taken, you just need to see the world differently.

Head over to and check it out, you can preview the book by clicking on the image in the top left of the Amazon page.  I highly recommend you purchase this book in its paper back version as opposed to the kindle version.  It’s only a dollar more expensive but it’s a large, beautiful book that needs to be touched.  Read it, take notes, and then give it to someone else who needs some creative motivation.

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