Winter Photography Gear – Inexpensive Gloves

No more licking your tripod (get your mind out of the gutter) or your tongue will stick, the weather has dropped over here on the East Coast and my desire to sit inside sipping hot chocolate has increased… dramatically.  Gloves are going to make or break your day of photography (and your wallet), your core can be as warm as you like but if your little piggies are cold you’ll go home early.  You can hop on the Google machine and search photography gloves and come up with gloves that cost as much as two or three hundred dollars, they are perfect for those of you that hate your money.  Fore the rest of us here are a couple inexpensive picks for this season, hurry and add them to your Christmas list.

Cashmere Knit Touchscreen Gloves

More and more cameras are coming with touch screen LCD screens on the back for changing settings and viewing photos you’ve taken.  These gloves (photo at top of page) can keep your fingers warm and let you adjust your camera and send a text (they have conductive finger tips) letting your significant other know that you’re gonna be longer than you thought because your fingers aren’t blue icicles yet.  And for less than $14 or $15 on Amazon you’d be crazy not to grab a pair and throw them in your camera bag.

Amazon: $14.99

Convertible Wool Thinsulate Fleece Lined Gloves

The convertible type glove is a favorite of mine for photography.  I like the ability to peel back the wool mitten top and expose my fingers so I can feel the adjustment wheels and buttons on my camera.  These particular gloves can be found on Amazon for $25 and are my primary winter photography gloves.

Amazon: $25

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