Convert the Nikon D600 Viewfinder into a Round Viewfinder (Works with D5100, D7000, and Others)

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If there is one thing that has been a continual pain in my butt with the D600 it would be the viewfinder.  The D600 viewfinder is the same as the one on the D7000 and D5100 (albeit the viewfinder on the D600 covers 100% of the field of view while the others are around 90%), they are rectangle and let all the light in the world in, it’s hard to get a good view of the light meter on the inside of the viewfinder without pressing your poor little peepers straight up against the glass.  If you like to take photographs with the sun in the sky the D600 eyepiece will blind you (not literally).  There had to be a fix, and there is.  Let’s cut the fluff and jump right in, here is what you’ll need:

Nikon FM Eyepiece FM2,FE2,FA Standard (stock) replacement Finder Eyepiece (threaded) ($21.95)

Nikon DK-3 Rubber Eyecup for FM/FM-2, FM-3, FA, FE/FE-2 ($9.95)

Nikon DK-22 Eyepiece Adapter for Nikon SLR Cameras ($12.17)

Total $44.07

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Putting the eyepiece together is not brain surgery, all you need to do is pancake the rubber eye cup between the eyepiece and the eyepiece adapter, then screw the eyepiece and adapter together with the rubber cup between.  Now just slide your rectangle viewfinder up and off the camera and slide the new one on.  You’re welcome!

The new eyepiece is great, it totally immerses you in the scene your photographing and cuts all the sunlight out from the sides.  Your able to clearly see the light meter and the other settings inside your viewfinder.  If you have glasses then this is definitely the viewfinder for you, the rubber is nice and soft so it wont scratch the heck out of your spectacles.

This adapter should fit most other eyepieces like the D5100, D3100, D7000, etc..

*Alert* If the price you see in the Amazon boxes below is more than the prices listed above use the link above, Amazon changes links from time to time which can effect the price (update 11/5/15).

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